As I sit at the computer thinking of just how to finish the book which I have written as an effort to help my fellow cult survivors, a number of thoughts come to mind. Have a good hard look at modern society and you will see that it’s not all bad.


Humankind has made some amazing progress toward a better life for all and let’s have a brief look at some positives. Although domestic violence and child abuse still tragically happen, these subjects are openly discussed nowadays. Of course this doesn’t solve the problem but it means that we don’t bury our heads in the sand on the issue any more. If we communicate about an issue then surely that’s a start toward dealing with it. 


Even other creatures with whom we share this planet are benefiting from our new attitude of enlightenment. For example, most nations of the world no longer hunt whales and subject those amazing animals to a cruel and unnecessary death. Most people at least in our Western society now believe that such hunting is a thing of horror and should never have happened. That has to be progress doesn’t it?   


People with disabilities still face some tough times as I know all too well however issues such as discrimination are being dealt with by Governments at all levels and also by the private sector. Society as a whole is more likely to view people with disabilities as useful members rather than shutting us away as might have happened some decades ago.


I am a frequent rail commuter here in Brisbane and often see people in wheelchairs traveling with ease on and off of trains. This for the most-part wasn’t possible even 20 or 30 years ago as many stations weren’t wheelchair accessible and the trains weren’t either. 


Although I believe that the damage which religious cults do is still not well understood by the majority of people here in Australia, it’s also true that more help is available now for us than would have been around say 20 years ago or more. So then, even we cult survivors are able to benefit from this progress in human thinking.


Unfortunately though it’s not all good news. Even though World War II ended many decades ago, we still see that humankind thinks that international conflicts can sometimes be solved by military means.


Also if we look at the subject of deforestation, we see that we are making very little if any real progress at all. So it’s a mixed bag then and sometimes people look at these ills of human society with a dream of making a real difference. What’s wrong with that then? Well nothing unless such a person becomes corrupt and uses his talents of leadership to influence others to the point where he or she has undue control over them.


We might all have ideas of how we would like to change the world but if we ram those ideas down the throats of people looking for that strong leader then that can rapidly become cultic. We must change the world through cooperation not domination!


Also if we find a person with a powerful and charismatic personality having a strong message, and a group of people willing to listen and follow plus a place to meet then another cult is likely to join the thousands already reported all over the planet. In my experience I have seen even how something as innocuous as a meditation group has the potential to turn cultic. This may happen when one strong-willed individual has too much influence and when the others within the group are too willing to submit.


The message here is this: we must always remember that as adults, we and we alone are in charge of our minds and what goes into them. Trust your own intuition – that gut-feeling, if something seems wrong, then it just might be.


As you progress along your own path toward recovery from what ever cultic experiences you have been through, why not try writing a story on it? As I write, I’m finding the experience of doing so is helping me heal as well as helping others I hope. Even if you don’t publish it, you might be surprised about just how much interest your family and friends show in your story and it’s a way they will learn more about you and about cults in general.


In this way, a positive can come from your particular cultic journey no matter how horrible it may have been. Do I hear you say, but no one would be interested? Or I don’t have a degree and have no idea how to write anything? Well all of that also applies to me but even now I’m surprised by the interest shown in my story from family and friends – so go on, give it a go.


May I leave you with this final thought: recovery is surely about healing through forgiveness, not about vengeance or getting even. 



Reference list of cult survivor help groups and counseling organizations.


Cult information service.

This is a Brisbane-based cult survivor support group located in the Western Suburbs. Telephone: (07) 38785212 or:


CIFS  Cult information and family support.


This cult survivor and family support group operates from Sydney and Brisbane helping people all over Australia. Go


Ph: 0423-332-766      


GPO Box 1690

Sydney NSW  2001



Ph: 0413-082-344


PO Box 4002

St Lucia Sth Qld 4067


Concerned Christian Growth Ministries.


This organization offers Christian-based support for people leaving cults through its lookout service and is based inWestern Australia.


Contact Options:  /

50 Carcoola Street (Cnr. Carcoola Court), Nollamara,


Tel: 618-(08) 9344 2200

Fax: 618-(08) 9344 4226




Although this organization assists people all over the country with many issues, its 24 hour telephone counseling service would be a good place to start for crisis help. Also lifeline offers face to face counseling by appointment if needed and low-cost assistance may be arranged.


Ph: 131114 or:


Salvation Army

We’ve all heard of it and this well-respected church appears to match it’s actions with it’s message, that is, it offers assistance to people in need everywhere just like lifeline.

A contest that I couldn’t wait to support, and a brand that already made me live some magic moments in Basel: I breathed air of new things, change of times, faith towards a new world which is still being built. A world in which age and social status are not important anymore, but ability and creativity are.

Salvo careline: 1300363622    


Beyond Blue

The National Depression Initiative, is dedicated to providing help to people suffering depression and as that illness is often part of a cult survivor’s lot, it’s well worth a look.

or Ph: 1300224636.